Quest House

*in progress*

"Quest House" follows the journey of Meiko, a transmasculine individual in his 30s, as he creates a nurturing and communal space for transmen seeking support before and after their lower surgery.

This film delves into the profound significance of bottom surgery, exploring the transformative process of coming home to one's body and the spiritual dimensions of gender. It highlights the intricate relationship between body landscape and the multifaceted dynamics of gender expression. "Quest House" is an ongoing exploration and a work in progress that seeks to shed light on these compelling aspects of personal and communal growth.


What is the driving force behind this documentary project?

It all began with a remarkable and unforgettable individual I encountered a decade ago on the internet. At that time, I had recently graduated from a relatively conservative Christian Missionary American school in Taiwan and was beginning to confront and embrace my own queer identity. Being surrounded by few, if any, queer individuals in my life (in fact, none at all), the internet became my primary source of information. I started following various LGBTQ-focused YouTube channels, and it was through these online platforms that I became captivated and deeply touched by Meiko Elias Xavier.

See his channel here:

Throughout my life, the intricacies of gender expression, particularly for those assigned female at birth but presenting as masculine or androgynous, have always stirred a profound and indescribable longing within me, especially from a young age. As I embarked on the journey of self-acceptance and understanding as a queer individual entering adulthood, I came across Meiko's channel. His videos on topics such as 'Butch lesbian v. Transmen,' 'Transgender spirituality,' and his personal 'Evolution as a transman' left me awe-struck. Meiko's gentle yet informative presence became a significant milestone in my personal growth and self-discovery. Over the course of ten years, as I pursued college, embarked on a career, relocated to different cities, returned to Taiwan, and eventually decided to study film and return to the United States, thoughts of Meiko would occasionally cross my mind. In November 2018, I learned about his latest project, Quest House.

The sheer magnitude of Meiko's project resonated deeply with me, leaving me eager to learn more. Although I felt nervous about reaching out to someone who had been such a meaningful figure in my life, despite never meeting him in person, I gathered the courage to write him an email. I expressed my admiration for his journey, the profound impact he had on me, and my utmost desire to document Quest House. To my absolute delight, he responded two weeks later, and the project was a go. Early in 2019, I embarked on the initial documentation of Quest House, filled with excitement and anticipation.